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@DavidVitter is a Coward


Let’s put aside the #prostitutes for a moment. Let’s put aside his friendship with Jack Abramoff, and the corruption that grew out of that relationship. Put aside all you don’t like about David Vitter (R-Huggies).

By refusing to show up and engage the other men who want to be Governor of Louisiana, Dave is a coward. He’s not even a petulant small child, demanding to get his way.

He is a boy willing to pimp out his own son on robo-calls to voters. He is a little boy who hides behind his wife’s testimony in television commercials.

He is a boy who refuses to face his challengers.

David Vitter is a Coward.


.@JohnBelforLA is the man of integrity @DavidVitter never will be #LAgov

Meet John Bel Edwards. He’s a state representative from Amite, Louisiana, and is the person in the best position to block US Senator David “Do you know who I am” Vitter’s run for governor of Louisiana.

Take three minutes of your time and visualize what Louisiana would be like with a governor who wasn’t a #sociopath, looking only for personal gain.

Take three minutes of your time and visualize what Louisiana would be like with a governor who has personal integrity, and isn’t derided for wearing diapers.

Take Three minutes of your time and visualize a strong future for Louisiana.

annnd…we’re back!

Screenshot from 2015-06-30 17:26:26

I put all the blogging on hiatus around 12-June, because Cox Communications decided they didn’t really want us to be customers, after a 17-year run. The service had gone from wonky to sporadic, to lucky if we got three consecutive minutes of uptime. AT&T was here at 0845 yesterday, to install U-Verse Business Internet service. Once the DNS changes propagated, we were back in business. Right in time for the a majority of parish clerks of court in Louisiana to extend an upraised middle finger to Candidate Jindal on when to begin issuing marriage licenses. Jefferson Parish began at 1005CDT, and the Candidate’s steadfast belief in religious liberty left him pretty much alone by lunchtime.

Today’s been quite a gift, too, with Roy Moore in Alabama losing his mind, Texas panicking over the notion of being overrun by Teh Geh, and then the most spectacular failure of Piyush “Bobby” Jindal so far this year.

Yes, I know that’s saying a lot, when your campaign video is immediately the subject of a Funny or Die parody, but today’s #AskBobby fiasco on Da Twittah was just priceless. Coming right on the heels of a similar social media disaster for the author of the bad Twilight fanfic known as 50 Shades of Grey, you’d think that someone as smart as the Candidate, as well as his brain, Timmy Teepell, would know better.

Oh, and let’s not forget “Tanned, Rested, and Ready”! What a gift the Jindal campaign is. Pity he may not be around long enough even to fellate a corndog at the Iowa State Fair.

I’d never looked at @TimmyTeepell‘s Twitter stream, but when I saw his avatar is him on horseback, and the cover photo is a sunset, the imagery of him and the Candidate riding off west was just wonderful.

I’m gonna have a glass of Addie’s Sangria and enjoy GERvUSA in the Women’s World Cup, while Bobby and Timmy cry themselves to sleep.

Stop taking @BobbyJindal seriously!

Folks are wringing their hands and clutching their pearls, because former Louisiana Governor (and now co-resident of Iowa and New Hampshire) Bobby Jindal used “official stationary” and a state-run website to say that Senator Rand Paul (R-Uranus) isn’t fit to be Commander-in-Chief.

OK, let’s face it. Candidate Jindal is right. Paul is an idiot.

But complaining that he’s running a campaign from the Governor’s Mansion is the wrong approach to the problem. Folks are outraged that a guy whose polling numbers are less than Carly Fiorina and Sarah Palin (who isn’t even running for the Republican nomination). He could easily argue that he’s not in the race, because he isn’t. Even the crazies of Iowa don’t take him seriously, so why is anyone in Louisiana?

Oh, and memo to The Louisiana Voice: proofread your headlines:

Louisiana Inspector General issues power puff scolding of Jindal for presidential campaign letter on state web page

“power puff”?

Comparing someone in Louisiana Government to the PowerPuff Girls makes Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup sad.