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Internet Update

Service from Cox is back, but it’s sloooowwww. At least it’s not the 85%-100% packet loss we experienced from the weekend to yesterday.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but AT&T will be out on the 29th to install U-Verse Business service.



Cox Communications has had the Internet connection to seashell software intergalactic headquarters down for six days. Connection is back up, but they say the problem is RF interference from Entergy.

Not sure if the connection will stay up. Seriously looking at AT&T U-Verse business services.


YatBazaar on WordPress!


Hi! We’re now on WordPress. Lots of technical/geek reasons for the change, but suffice to say, we’re moving forward on this platform.

For now, I have this blog sharing to my Facebook personal wall. I may re-locate that to the YatPundit politics page, we’ll see.

I’m thinking for now, I’ll be writing/reminiscing more about New Orleans and local politics, and that’s better on the personal page. If that changes, well, we’ll change with it.

And here we go!