The "Republicans Heart the Military" myth/meme

Because Republicans are stupid, they often get caught by the law of unintended consequences. The Solyndra "scandal" is a great example of this:

However, in gunning after the Department of Energy and its solar power loan program they have fallen prey to the law of unintended consequences, and are now heading on a collision course with the Department of Defense.

Why does the writer feel this is a problem? Because of the meme:

That is a rather odd position for the Republican Party to be in, given that it has built its brand on unequivocal support for the U.S. military, but for several years now DoD has been committed to transitioning out of petroleum fuels and into solar energy and other alternatives.

The meme is that Republicans <3 the military. Like most things Republican, it's a lie. Republicans love the people who give them campaign contributions. That is a very limited subset of the "the military." Veterans benefits? Forget it. Veterans aren't big-money Republican donors (although the American Legion and the VFW follow these people like stupid sheep). Alternative energy? Not only are the companies developing this technology off the donor-radar of the Republican Party, they're in direct conflict with one of the backbones of that party's financial base, Big Oil.

Don't be distracted by the meme, even when it dupes a liberal website. Republicans don't give two fucks about the military or national defense. They're war profiteers.