Chris Roberts is out of his league in the Yenni fight

Chris Roberts can’t help himself

chris roberts

Jefferson Parish Council Chairman Chris Roberts has been unable to get any traction on ousting Parish President (and admitted sexual predator) Mike Yenni for months now. It was revealed last September that Yenni admitted to having inappropriate and sexually explicit conversations with a 17-year old. The young man was a senior at Jesuit High School at the time he and Yenni texted. After the original #shitshow the revelations caused, which also included members of the Yenni family, the incident fell from public view for the most part. Councilman Chris Roberts wants to change that.

Yenni went to ground

I’ll say this about my fellow Brother Martin High alum, Greg Buisson: He’s good at what he does. When local politicians need help after doing Incredibly Stupid Things, they call Buisson. His main advice to them appears to be very simple, Shut The Fuck Up. They go to ground and stay there. That’s what Neil Abramson did, after he became embroiled in a controversy over choosing the Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives last Spring. So, Yenni’s situation is exposed. He hires Buisson, and is told to go to ground. He stays out of the public eye until his advisor says the coast is clear enough to get back to work. Buisson must have decided this past week was the time, since Yenni appeared on a local talk radio show last Monday.

Chris Roberts and the recall

Westbank Councilman Chris Roberts doesn’t like Mike Yenni. Their animosity goes back further than when we all learned that Yenni wants to blow young men. Since the effort to recall Mike is halfway through and they have only amassed half the necessary signatures on the petition, Roberts decided to raise the awareness level of the scandal in the wake of Yenni’s radio appearance. Da Advocate describes the letter Roberts circulated:


The letter Roberts sent Tuesday gets more graphic than any media account of the text messages in question. Citing sources familiar with the texts, Roberts’ letter contains a reference to a form of oral sex Yenni is said to have offered to perform on the 17-year-old.


Graphic gay sex is not the sort of thing the Good Republicans of Jefferson. Roberts knows that.

Yenni Fights Back

chris roberts

Buisson knows how to push back. A letter released by Yenni claims that Chris Roberts wrote a bad check for $6500. That ups the ante from a debatable text conversation to check fraud. Thieving politicians are something the Good Republicans Of Jefferson like even less than blowjobs.

Pass the popcorn.



Your Daily Breitbart – AnnThrax and Nazi Stephen Miller

Nazi Stephen Miller and the Breitbart Boyz

Nazi Stephen Miller needs another beating

An article in Breitbart about Nazi Stephen Miller is not surprising. But saying AnnThrax Coulter is a Breitbart contributor? How the disgusting have fallen.

nazi stephen miller

One of the Breitbart drones, John Hayward, uses a good SEO technique to boost the site, writing about one of his colleagues. Ann Coulter? Hayward claims AnnThrax is a Breitbart contributor, but there’s no link to any of her work for the site. No matter, he’s essentially dropping a name to beat his drum. Or whatever else he was beating when he wrote this article.

Isn’t Breitbart dead?

I really thought I was done with Breitbart when my friend Lamar gained fame for killing the turd with a tweet back in 2012. We Democrats were riding high, working to put Barack Obama back into the White House for a second term. Like most of what has now become known as the “alt-right”, the writers at Breitbart were a bunch of whining racists, looking for something to latch on to. Breitbart himself was never that person. He had more money than the average wingnut blogger, and a lot of free time to promote himself, but there were others. Son of Erick was getting teevee-pundit gigs, and other leaders of the conservative crazy overshadowed him. Most assumed his death would cause his site and infrastructure to fold.

Clearly we were wrong.

Nazi Stephen Miller is a distasteful individual, and AnnThrax is all about praising him:

“I was describing Steve Miller to some reporter recently. I was on a plane at the time, so I was writing out adjectives, and at the end of the sentence, I said, ‘I’m not just listing adjectives; I’m actually pausing and thinking about each one. But the main ones are brilliant and patriotic,’” she recalled.

Of course, our friend Hayward here didn’t actually discuss this with AnnThrax. He’s quoting an article by talk show host Alex Marlow. He provides no links back to Marlow. Guess he isn’t a Breitbart contributor.