white people

White People can become blinded by their privilege

Hey, White People! Don’t tell them it’s going to be OK. It’s NOT going to be OK for them. Your white privilege will protect you from the worst of the social policies of total Republican control.

Your nonwhite friends? Not so much. Don’t apply your white view of the world to their situation.

Take Action

  • Here’s what to do. Tell your nonwhite friends that you will:
  • Listen to them
  • Take them seriously
  • Treat them with respect
  • Offer understanding

At a minimum, you can do these things. These actions won’t pull you out of your aura of whiteness that protects you in the United States.

Go Further

Still, you should go further. It’s possible to drop your psychic shields and bring your friends into your aura of whiteness. You can:

  • Walk with them out to the parking lot after work
  • Go out for happy hour
  • Invite them into your home for “game night” – bring them into your circle of friends
  • Set up play-dates with their children and yours
  • Stand by them when some of your friends abandon you for being inclusive

It’s not all that difficult. Safety is one of the greatest concerns nonwhite folks have. This is like the old Chris Rock sketch about how not to get your ass kicked by the police. One of the tips was “get a white friend”. BE the white friend. BE the colleague that goes that extra step in the workplace. Your #whiteprivilege is a tangible force. It can be channeled for good. For example, Muslim women shouldn’t be walking alone at night. There’s been an uptick in incidents such as these attacks on Muslim women on college campuses. These cowards are less likely to attack a group. Be part of the group.

Drop the shield

The ultimate thing you can do for your nonwhite friends is to drop your aura of whiteness entirely:

  • Stand and march with nonwhite folks to protest abuse of civil rights
  • Get between nonwhite protesters and police
  • Shield non-Christian coworkers when they pray
  • Call out other white people when they abuse nonwhites

Yes, these actions could put you at risk. They’ll reap incredible benefits, however.





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