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YatPundit’s Pub brings the podcast back, and we’re going to talk about a lot of things. The Pub will run 15-30 minutes, Monday thru Friday.

YatPundit’s Pub

It’s right here. We’re at the bar at Tujague’s. Maybe we’re at a table at The Bulldog on Canal Blvd. It’s wherever New Orleanians get together to talk.

One important point–it’s the “liberal” side of the bar. It’s the table in the corner where the Democrats gather. Don’t think for a moment it’s not, even on the days when politics isn’t the subject.

And we’re off!

Election Aftermath

Today we discuss the immediate aftermath of yesterday’s Presidential election. Three segments:

  • Where we are today, and up to 20-Jan-2017
  • Immediate thoughts on what we need to focus on for the first two years of the next presidency
  • Long-term future: We need to be “Faith Based Liberals” and rebuild progressive local government

I’m not going to get into recriminations, blame, etc. It didn’t do any good to go there in 2000, and it’s not going to do any good now. The place for that discussion is when we talk about the long term. Progressives need to work to re-build our presence in government at the local and state levels. That’s where the Clinton-versus-Sanders, the Liberal-versus-DLC, the beliefs of the Democratic Party come in. We’ll get there. It’s the things we should talk over a beer. Or two.

So, YatPundit’s Pub isn’t going to be all politics. We’re going to talk about food, drink, and cultcha! It’s what you expect when you sit down at the table with your beverage. Hopefully we’ll get others involved to chat about these things, so it’s not just me ranting. My day gig (computer training and consulting) still involves a bit of travel, and the pod won’t stop because of that.

While pub conversations will vary, one fixed subject here in the pub is going to be “Football Friday”. We’re going to talk about soccer. If you’re a fan of The Beautiful Game, and you grow weary of me talking about Arsenal Football Club, let’s get you on the pod and we’re have some proper banter.




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