Millenials butthurt - the struggle is real

What is the deal with Millenials?

Everytime I read an article about college students, “Millenials”, and recent graduates whom everything offends, I get happy. That’s because my boys, who are now 27 and 21, aren’t part of that culture. The oldest is a Naval officer (O-3). He works with people of differing opinions, beliefs, religions, and cultures daily. He’d have to take a medical separation from the Navy if the butthurt we’re seeing from some of his generation had an impact on his work performance. Oh, and prior to joining the Navy, he did internships in downtown Atlanta and at an Entergy power plant up the river from New Orleans. Neither locations are good for the tender sensibilities of some of these really weak-willed twentysomethings. Then there’s my kiddo. He’s 21, and just finished his fourth football season in the Golden Band from Tiger Land at Louisiana State University. Trust me, Death Valley is not for the fainthearted who are easily offended. Even if that environment wasn’t what it is, a band of 350 young men and women requires that everyone check their attitude and close in their personal space. A lot.

This particular rant was pretty good, and sums up my feelings nicely:

And this isn’t just some backless rant. Oh no, it’s backed by psychology and science. PsychologyToday has gathered information from colleges saying that teachers are essentially giving up and grading easier because they are AFRAID OF STUDENTS’ EMOTIONAL REACTIONS ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!


I was a camp counselor this summer, and the next generation is worse than ours. These kids are being raised on so much organic, special snowflake bullshit that they’ll probably have a psychological breakdown the second someone tells them they’re not as perfect as they think they are. And it’s nauseating.

I got an audio dose of this a couple of weeks back on The Gist, when Mike Pesca played back some of the butthurt from Yale over a faculty supervisor who suggested some students unwad their panties. The piece was an end-cap to wrap up a podcast, so it’s not listed on The Gist’s story page. The audio was of some female student yelling obscenities at the faculty, because she was told that some people in life were going to offend her and she should consider, you know, sucking it up and moving along.

So, when I read things like this rant, I feel better about my own kids. They’ll be the ones these crybabies will ask, “would you like fries with that?”

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