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I put all the blogging on hiatus around 12-June, because Cox Communications decided they didn’t really want us to be customers, after a 17-year run. The service had gone from wonky to sporadic, to lucky if we got three consecutive minutes of uptime. AT&T was here at 0845 yesterday, to install U-Verse Business Internet service. Once the DNS changes propagated, we were back in business. Right in time for the a majority of¬†parish clerks of court in Louisiana to extend an upraised middle finger to Candidate Jindal on when to begin issuing marriage licenses. Jefferson Parish began at 1005CDT, and the Candidate’s steadfast belief in religious liberty left him pretty much alone by lunchtime.

Today’s been quite a gift, too, with Roy Moore in Alabama losing his mind, Texas panicking over the notion of being overrun by Teh Geh, and then the most spectacular failure of Piyush “Bobby” Jindal so far this year.

Yes, I know that’s saying a lot, when your campaign video is immediately the subject of a Funny or Die parody, but today’s #AskBobby fiasco on Da Twittah was just priceless. Coming right on the heels of a similar social media disaster for the author of the bad Twilight fanfic known as 50 Shades of Grey, you’d think that someone as smart as the Candidate, as well as his brain, Timmy Teepell, would know better.

Oh, and let’s not forget “Tanned, Rested, and Ready”! What a gift the Jindal campaign is. Pity he may not be around long enough even to fellate a corndog at the Iowa State Fair.

I’d never looked at @TimmyTeepell‘s Twitter stream, but when I saw his avatar is him on horseback, and the cover photo is a sunset, the imagery of him and the Candidate riding off west was just wonderful.

I’m gonna have a glass of Addie’s Sangria and enjoy GERvUSA in the Women’s World Cup, while Bobby and Timmy cry themselves to sleep.

Packet Loss on Cox Business Services account…

Making this post quickly, while it’s possible. We’re in Day 11 of 85%+ packet loss on our broadband Internet service from Cox. Lots to say, but the cable company’s keeping us from saying it.

New NC “Religious Freedom” law allows state to refuse to marry Catholics

That sounds like a #clickbait headline, but it’s not. Both houses of the NC State Legislature have voted to override a veto by Gov. Pat McRory of NC SB2. The bill allows magistrates (county officials who issue marriage licenses) to refuse applicants because they have sincerely held religious beliefs that prevent them from issuing the license.

Now, at face value, that sounds like every other attempt to stop gay marriage we’ve seen over the last twelve months or so, but it’s so much more insidious. Imagine this scenario:

A Catholic couple comes up to a county magistrate’s office with an application for a marriage license.

COUPLE: We’d like a marriage license, please.

MAGISTRATE: Well, now, OK! What religion are you folks?

COUPLE: Roman Catholic

MAGISTRATE: Hmmm…do you believe that man can be saved by his faith in Jesus Christ alone?

COUPLE: No, we believe man can be saved because of his good works, as well as his faith.

MAGISTRATE: I’m sorry, my sincerely held religious believes prevent me from issuing this license.

And, boom! the couple’s dreams of married bliss go up on smoke. Now, the county and state will argue that it’s just one magistrate who is objecting, and that the couple can go find another who doesn’t hold these same sincerely held beliefs. Will that dodge be enough for the five conservative Supremes, who also happen to be Catholic?



Internet Update

Service from Cox is back, but it’s sloooowwww. At least it’s not the 85%-100% packet loss we experienced from the weekend to yesterday.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but AT&T will be out on the 29th to install U-Verse Business service.


This is how #whiteprivilege works

Officer in Addison, TX, stopping a "sovereign citizen" wackjob for speeding.

Officer in Addison, TX, stopping a “sovereign citizen” wackjob for speeding.

This video (via National Memo, SPLC, and the Houston Chronicle) of a “sovereign citizen” trying to talk his way out of a speeding ticket is a great example of how “white privilege” works. This officer, in Addison, TX (part of Dallas County), humors the driver for about four minutes. Fed up with the moron, he calls for backup. When another officer arrives on the scene, he breaks the driver’s side window out, unlocks the car, removes the driver, and arrests him.

The articles describing the incident commend the officer for not putting up with this guy’s stupidity, but would he have given a black or brown man the courtesy of those four minutes?

On a related note, great article via HuffPo on the combination of police brutality and sexual harassment black women face from cops.



Cox Communications has had the Internet connection to seashell software intergalactic headquarters down for six days. Connection is back up, but they say the problem is RF interference from Entergy.

Not sure if the connection will stay up. Seriously looking at AT&T U-Verse business services.


Why should 300 weapons bother folks in Texas?

Authorities investigate a shooting in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant Sunday, May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas. Authorities say that the shootout victims were members of rival biker gangs that had gathered for a meeting. (AP Photo/Jerry Larson)

Authorities investigate a shooting in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant Sunday, May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas. Authorities say that the shootout victims were members of rival biker gangs that had gathered for a meeting. (AP Photo/Jerry Larson)

Waco, Texas, is still sorting out the aftermath of last month’s biker-gang shootout, by lowering bail amounts on bikers:

As of today, 25 bikers have bonded out with more to come. The district attorney’s office, which declined an interview, seems increasingly willing to consider that not all of those arrested contributed to the violence. Husband and wife William and Morgan English, a former Marine and a bank teller, were released yesterday after their bonds were lowered to $25,000 apiece. Their attorney, Paul Looney, says they weren’t even riding motorcycles.

OK, so Waco is full of shit when it comes to civil liberties and due process. They swept up innocent people, white people at that, and tossed them in jail. Nice. Waco doesn’t need FEMA camps to imprison Texans, it seems.

Here’s the one that amuses me the most. Waco authorities are concerned about the number of open-carry guns that were picked up on 17-May:

Waco police say the Cossacks, Bandidos and three other groups at Twin Peaks that day are criminal outlaw motorcycle gangs. And they point out that more than 300 weapons were recovered from the crime scene. However the fight started, the outcome has been disastrous for the image of motorcycle clubs, says longtime Waco biker Steve Dozer Cochran.

The Texas State Legislature is clearing the way to expand open-carry in the state, yet they’re making a big deal about bikers with weapons? Imagine that.

Let’s also consider the reasons why open-carry advocates put forth their position: self-defense. These nuts think they need to take an AR-15 to Kroger to protect themselves. Where were the open-carry types in Waco? They ran for cover. Did any of them fire back? Did they step up and defend themselves?

Of course not. They ran for their lives.

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